Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Art Quilting Landscapes

I am spending the week trying to get organised, in reality, and in my head :)
Meanwhile I have felt compelled to make another mini version of my Tuscan Hillside pattern. Not quite finished yet.
I am thrilled and overwhelmed with how many have purchased this pattern. If you are here because of that welcome and thank you.

landscape quilting

In true Blue Peter fashion (U.K. readers only will understand this reference ). Here is a mini one I made earlier!

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  1. That is a beautiful pattern and a nice one to learn on too. I finally got into my room and cleaned out the main clutter, so now i can get back to quilting.


  2. This pattern must be a winner, its delightful!

  3. Love your mini Tuscan Hillside - also the mention of Blue Peter takes me way, way back to our home in England sitting with the "children" watching TV - that was 45 years ago!!! Thankyou Deborah

  4. Oh, I do like the Blue Peter version :-)

  5. Lovely, lovely pattern and it makes me yearn for the Tuscan sun.