Tuesday, 5 June 2012

the big and the small (scraps cont.)

art quilting

There was one decent size piece of hand dyed in the bag, with a chunk cut out of it for the shed in the previous project! (Sorry it's not pressed!)

art quilting

There are also a lot of these strips of various colours.

art quilting

I have taken a few, tied them in a bundle and added them to the larger piece to make this...

prayer flag

Well those of you that know me well would know that at some point I would make a Prayer Flag!
This one is obviously for Play, which is after all, what I am doing here!

art quilting blog


  1. O yes, I was wondering what you would do with such a "BIG" piece ;-)) Again, you surprised me - and again, I love the result! Did you use paint for the letters?

  2. I used to make more things from scraps, and a lot of the times i find I use the scraps more than the new fabrics.



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