Monday, 25 June 2012

A Repeat.

recycled fabric

These are not projects that I have made from scraps from the scrap bag, but some table runners that I made for a workshop a few years ago. It was based on  the recycling of upholstery fabrics, and other bits and pieces. The red squares in the top piece were cut from a an old silk shirt, and lots of those silk bits ended up in the bag.

Using the silk scraps, along with some other scraps of red I decided to put together another one of these.

art quilting

Fiddly to do....Uh Yeah! ...but it will hopefully be worthwhile :)

art quilting


  1. Very interesting - I've been thinking scrap projects too, with mini bits - when I get around to doing them is another question ....

  2. Some things can very well be repeated I'd say! The world is filled with beautiful fabrics so why limit ourself to just one kind.

  3. Beautiful pieces and nice to have materials like that to use in a project. We used to have a nice store with all types of fabrics and I could find nice pieces on the bargain table to use on projects.


  4. "Wonderful! Wonderful" (As Lawrence Welk - an American tv entertainment show) I like the Miss Havisham heart, too. Looking forward to seeing the red one finished. Very artistic and interesting.


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