Tuesday, 12 June 2012

coiled and ready to go

#This IS the last post with alternative use for strips#

I have been admiring things like this and this for a while and I think I have found one use for these.
I have a plan that involves some baskets but for now I have been practising with a smaller project.

art quilting

This is how I have been doing it but there are some very good instructions here if you fancy giving this a go. Just type coiled fabric wrapped bowls/baskets into your search engine to see more.

art quilting
...still in a jubilee mood around here...

...I am going back to my scrap bag... which seems to be a bit of a bottomless pit...

art quilting


  1. what a neat idea love this! x

  2. just yesterday, I was looking at my cotton cording and thought of making something again, baskets or coasters, I do want to make something BIGGER ( I have made a bag which I gave to a neighbor and then never seen her use it! sigh) but I've seen the bali bowls, where you make two with the same finished diameter, one with a hole in the middle, then flip one upside down and whip stitch the two together to make a vase, of course for fake flowers or something like that, a great way to use scraps after a project and the strips don't have to be perfectly cut!

  3. I really like those baskets and would love to try it too.
    A coaster is a nice way to try it and practice.


  4. I love it! I, too, have admired the beautiful baskets.

  5. Your mug rug looks great :):) hugs

  6. Fabric coil baskets have been on my "to try" list for some time. I never thought of testing the method to make coasters, but just may have to give that a whirl first.

    Yours looks great!


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