Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Landscape Background Options

landscape quilting

Using the Fabric Scrap Rolls that I showed you in my previous post, here are the backgrounds I have created.
The Seascape above was done by tearing the strips of fabric into roughly 1/2 inch and heat setting them onto the surface of a fusible wadding/batting. The edges are deliberately left raw.

landscape quilting

I took the green fabrics and ironed them to a fusible and cut them into roughly 2 inch squares. Along with some blue squares I made the scene below.

landscape quilting

landscape quilting

Hillside was made by cutting up the leftover square from Countryside into smaller pieces and changing the aspect from landscape to portrait.

landscape quilting
Beach Scene
Finally I pieced together some strips for the beach scene.
All of the above were done with two rolls of blue, one green and one yellow.
You could try this with any blue, green, and yellow scraps, or you could get some of your own hand painted rolls here or here :)
Next time I will show you how I stitched them.

landscape quilting


  1. Looking forward to seeing how these pieces change when you add stitching.

  2. I so love those blues and greens together!

  3. I was just going through my stash to find something and found a bunch of brown shades that someone sent and I don't like. But, I realized, they would be really nice in art pieces as landscape backgrounds.



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