Wednesday, 26 September 2012

With apologies ...

landscape quilting those of you who are thinking that they have seen this before, you would be correct, but I did say in my last post that I would show you where the inspiration for the Beach Fences had started.

landscape quilt pattern

It wasn't until I began this post that I remembered!!!

landscape quilt pattern

So if you are seeing this for the first time there is a bit more about it here.

It is still not a piece that I am particularly keen on, but it has been improved.

landscape quilt pattern

Now this should be a before and after shot, but I have searched my photo folders and it seems that I do not have a photo of the before, or if I did, I cropped out the bits that I didn't like.
So you will just have to take my word for it that this had a pieced binding and that one of the foreground slopes was green. I was not happy with it and my solution was to cut off offending binding and face it with some hand painted scrim. I also used some to cover up the green that was jarring.

I first had the idea when trying to find the solution to these pieces, and guess what?!?  I don't have a photo of them finished (not doing too well today am I?).
I can assure you that they are now all edged with the same grey scrim!!!

textile art

I am going for a lie down... but keep the scrim in mind to use as a different type of edging, or as a way to hide something undesirable!

landscape quilts


  1. Thanks so much for reshowing these since I missed them the first time. I was just telling my daughter that I love fences and we should take some time to take pictures of some that are on our daily commute - interesting lines in them! Hope you share this on Friday - gosh - love it!

  2. I love seeing how you developed your inspiration for your pieces. It is a wonderful subject matter and you have done so many wonderful variations on it with a small change and the different fabrics.


  3. The fence quilt looks so much better with the brown now looks like a breakwater...on a beach....which is it didn't before. Great! I also love the seagull quilts. I love reading how you develop your work. Thank you so much.