Thursday, 29 March 2018

Journal Quilt for Feb

Quilt Routes

In an attempt to get up to date here is my February offering for the CQGB JQ challenge. Writing this post has made it clear why blogs have been on the decline in favour of other social media. It has taken me so long to get this done when it is so much easier to put one photo on Instagram.

Quilt Routes

It is not because I am trying to create some airbrushed, false account of what I am doing but because even if the piece I am showing is not successful I still want the image that shows that to be clear. I try my best with my limited skills, a smart phone and some photo editing software to show bright, clear photos. Sometimes it all comes together quickly, others not so much.

Quilt Routes

I don't like that the background to this image has come out yellow despite the fact that in reality it is white. I also don't like the fact that to my naked eye this piece looked straight but the camera shows that not to be the case!

Sometimes though you just have to let things go and move on. The more time I spend fussing over photos the less time I get to sew. The truth is that this piece looked a lot better in my head than it does in reality but like with all these JQ's I have learnt from the process and it will help me improve.

Until next time...

Quilt Routes


  1. Can't explain the yellow colour rather than white, but the distortion is the fault of the lens, nothing to do with the photographer!