Monday, 7 May 2012

Playing with Scraps

Not much fabric painting going on here at the moment. It is just so wet and cold, meaning slow drying times, so I have decided to wait for the warmer weather. It is coming isn't it!!
Time to do something else.

scrap busting

This particular bag of scraps has been following me around for years now; and I do mean years. The scraps in it are almost entirely bits of previously completed projects. Some may say they should have been chucked but....

scrap busting

This is the bag tipped out.

scrap busting

Sorted into colours...sort of.
There seems to be a lot of green, and so that's what I am attacking first.

art quilting

There is a mixture of batiks and hand painted greens, and the pieces were more or less in strips so I have laid them onto a piece of fusible batting and ironed them down.

scrap busting

The hand painted pieces have been stamped with some commercial and home made stamps (and I have absolutely no memory of doing them, or what they were for!)
More to come.
art quilting


  1. I keep a scrap basket and seem to use that more than the yardage, lol. I received my book today and i love it!
    I am going to make your piece first, and do the stones with words and across the sand, then add a seagull in the sky. I might do inspirational for my daughter and one for my bathroom. I have a mermaid theme, so the book is perfect, lots of projects to decorate with and ones I can make for my sister. Thank you so much for the giveaway.


  2. You're in good company, Deborah! The more I do... the more I cannot remember what I did, or when! But a great idea of ironing the strips to fusible. It's a fun way to get 'random' I think!

  3. There is something very satisfying in crating from scraps
    I've loved doing the Free Bee blocks from my scraps
    Looking forward to seeing what you crate with yours


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