Thursday, 24 October 2013

Adding Stitch

art quilt stitching

It doesn't always have to be about dropping the feed dogs and free motion stitching. The majority of the work done on this is straight line stitching. 
I like make a quilt sandwich and stitch through all the layers.  

art quilt stitching

First up is the choice of threads. I often choose a clear mono filament to stitch background elements moving to stronger, darker threads as I move  toward the foreground.

art quilt stitching

I stitch back and fore, following the shape of each hill.

art quilt stitching

Straight line stitching around the hare with added colour for emphasis.

art quilt stitching

The sky has also been done in mono filament (you could do this before adding the hills} to keep it far away, with just a little bit of free motion stitching around the moon!

art quilt stitching

The grasses are wavy but still done with straight line stitches and the feed dogs up.

Hope you have found this helpful.

art quilting

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  1. I've just come across your blog after seeing your article in Art Quilting Studio. I love your work!
    I'm wondering here, if you stitched the sky first and added the moon on top.
    It's a beautiful piece.


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