Friday, 4 October 2013

fabric friday

hand painted fabric

Unearthing lots that I had forgotten about as I continue to tidy up, including this piece of fabric.
Not keen on the white bits, but they are not so prominent in "real" life.
It is a while since I have done a Fabric Friday, in fact I haven't done that many at all this year.
I am thinking of bringing it back on a more regular basis.
This bit was done about the same time as I did these sun prints.

All done with sage leaves.

hand painted fabric

It is time consuming, but very satisfying printing with real leaves.

hand painted fabric

Just need to decide how to use it...

art quilting


  1. They are very peaceful looking. What about a prayer flag?

  2. Wow, I haven't seen this type of leaves before but they look amazing. So does the fabric. All of it.

  3. Hi Deborah! These are most beautiful! I love the whites! First I wasn't sure if they are only sunshine in the photo. Colours are fantastic! x Teje


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