Tuesday, 1 October 2013

It is that time again...

painted fabric

...that time when enough is enough and I HAVE to tidy up my work space!
That's what I am doing this week and it is taking far longer than I would like but it will feel good when it is done.

painted fabric

Tidying up means that groups of fabric like these turn up. They are pieces that were done while demonstrating in a painting class. Not the best pieces of fabric ever created. I don't use the nicest of cottons in workshops. The samples are usually not dry by home time, so it all gets wrapped up in cling film (and is sometimes left there a while). As I emphasize to my students, its all about playing, and practicing the techniques.

painted fabric

Having said that the fabric has to be used, and turning them into a cushion/pillow is a fun and quick way to do that.
This one was super quick. The fabrics were torn into pieces and free motion zig zagged, making sure all the raw edges were covered.

painted fabric

Et Voila.... maybe not the most attractive cushion you will ever see but job done.

Here are some more done with class demo pieces.

textile workshops

1. Cushion, 2. Blue daisy pillow by Quilt Routes, 3. cushion front, 4. Painted Pillows (2)

Back to tidying!

art quilting


  1. the *only* good thing about tidying up is turning up little treasures like these :-) (well, the smugly virtuous feeling at the end is pretty good, too) ... I love the cushions - especially the blue one.

  2. That is a wonderful way to use up scraps, your pillows are beautiful.