Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Autumnal Flag

hand painted fabric prayer flag

A couple of weeks ago I asked for suggestions for what to do with this piece of fabric.
Joy suggested making a Prayer Flag and as I have not done one for a while I thought this was a good idea.

hand painted fabric leaves

I decorated it with my own fallen leaves taken from the garland that I made here. It has been hanging in my studio shed for a while now and is starting to look a bit worse for wear but I like how the leaves look here.

hand painted fabric prayer flag
Over on The Prayer Flag Project blog I have wished everyone joy in the changing seasons, whichever form that may be, and I wish the same to you here.

art quilting


  1. Hi Deborah! This is so beautiful! Your leaves are exactly like in the photo my father just sended from Finland! x Teje

  2. That is a really nice piece and a nice idea for something i can make for my daughter. Trying to think of ideas for decorating without wrecking the walls and was thinking of hanging banners, but maybe a piece like this is something I can add for special occasions or memories.