Wednesday, 23 October 2013

I have a plan in mind.

quilt blocks

A while ago over at blue hare blogland I had a bit of a brain storm and decided to join in with the Farmer's Wife quilt-a-long. I even bought the book. Visit the Flickr group here if you are not sure what I am talking about.

quilt blocks

I am not sure what compelled me, as I don't do traditional. That is not because I don't love traditional quilts, more to do with the fact that My quiltmaking abilities veer more to the liberated/improv side, by design and technical ability :) 

quilt blocks

However, I am now beginning to realize that the urge comes from a need to cover the basics and maybe fill in some blanks in my quilting education as I more or less jumped straight into the "arty" side of this craft.

Needless to say my flirtation with the Farmer and his Wife was short lived. I put together what was going to be a wall hanging (below).

quilt blocks

But swiftly pulled it apart again and made this. As I write I realize that I have eight more blocks but have absolutely no idea where they are.

art quilt

The plan? Well that urge to fill in the blanks hasn't really gone away and while perusing the free classes over at Craftsy I have decided that I want to try again. This time it will be easier because I can follow the video instructions. I am definitely a visual learner.
Of course I will be using up fabric that I already have Scrap Busting style. I will also be putting a bit of my own spin on things. I will not be making a big quilt but sticking to the mini quilt format. Along the way I will hopefully be improving my piecing skills, perhaps learning the names of those blocks... not an essential skill to have I know but it would be nice :)
Stay tuned!

Craftsy have not asked me to do this but I can recommend their free B.O.M. classes
I am not going to be sticking to a time table....this could take a while :)

art quilting


  1. I am the same way, I get more confused and stuck trying to make pieced quilts, lol.
    I like to just start cutting and throwing things together, more fun that way;)


  2. Absolutely love that you swiftly pulled it apart again. I've about two dozen Farmer's a wife blocks, somewhere.