Thursday, 24 October 2013

Fast Fuse Applique

 Fast fuse applique is called fast for a reason.
If you have not done this before here is a quick run through of the technique.

fast fuse applique tutorial

The first thing you need to do is trace the appliqué patterns onto your fusible web*.
Use a light box or an available window.

fast fuse applique tutorial

Remember to reverse the patterns if this has not already been done.
Cut out the templates outside the cutting line and fuse onto the back of your fabrics.

fast fuse applique tutorial

Cut out on the cutting line.

fast fuse applique tutorial

Place into position on to the backing fabric.

applique tutorial

Heat set/fuse with iron, following the manufacturers instructions for heat setting.

fast fuse applique tutorial

Using a heat resistant sheet will save you iron form eating sticky.
Now to add the stitching.
Instructions here.

*There are many fusible products on the market. I use Heat n Bond, but the choice is yours!

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